Mordi-Brae History

The Mordialloc-Braeside Football Club was formed in February 1969 by three thirteen year old boys by the name of Peter Moait, John Ronke and Dean Carroll. They were all at school together at Parkdale High. They played and enjoyed their school football, but they still wanted more football. The only teams in the area were for 18+ year olds, and there were no kids their age or size to play football with. When Peter Moait’s father said, "gather the kids and talk to them about playing football", they rounded up enough to make a team, calling it The Keefer Street Football Club.

At that time Keefer Street was the boundary between Mordialloc and Braeside. As Peter lived on the west side (Mordialloc) and John and Dean lived on the east side (Braeside ), the club then became the Mordialloc- Braeside Junior Football Club.

Their first serious match was played at the Ross Reserve in Heatherton against Chelsea Heights. Mordialloc- Braeside won!! To get to every match they used to cram 10 or more kids into the back of one of the fathers panel vans while some travelled by push bike. They continued to play at Ross Reserve for another two years before moving to the current location at the Walter Galt Reserve in Parkdale. The club jumpers at the time were light green with a diagonal white stripe which you can find displayed in the club rooms today. Their original intention was to have a green jumper with a white V, but St Francis already had this design.

In their first year they won most of their games, but alas, a premiership eluded them. The first presentation night was in 1969 and held at the Mordialloc Community Centre in Warren Road. The guest that night was Kevin Murray (Fitzroy) and Norm Brown (Fitzroy). In 1970 they joined the Chelsea League, another good year with lots of wins, but still no premiership.

1971 was a time of great change in the club, with the move to the Walter Galt reserve, a previous tip site that they top dressed and grassed and became their first oval. There were no dressing rooms or club rooms at this stage, so they changed in tents, cars, or whatever. Now as Under 13’s they played an excellent season and secured a berth in the 1971 Grand Final. The finals concluded with great joy and celebration when they produced their first premiership!

In 1971 there were two teams, Under 13’s and Under 15’s. 1972 saw the club grow with Under 11’s and 10’s formed. The Under 10’s began due to an influx of 70 boys wanting to play and were nick named the "midgets". The midgets won a premiership that year against Carrum. In 1973 there were Under 9’s, 10’s, 11’s, 12’s, 13’s, 14’s and 15’s.

The joining with Elizabeth Football Club in South Australia started in 1970, with a parent at the club knowing friends in Elizabeth involved in the football over there. The Elizabeth team brought their team over for celebrations at the end of the season. One of the players that came over was John Platten’s older brother Michael. The Club's have enjoyed a great relationship over the years, and continued the tradition of an interstate match until very recently.

And so on and on, the rest is history.........