U14 Callaghan

U14 - Callaghan; Division 1


Welcome to the MBJFC 2017 season.

Congrats boys! So very proud of each one of you - I know you will run onto that field on Sunday and give it everything you have - GOOD LUCK!!  

Grand Final

Sunday,  3rd September 20017

MBJFC v East Brighton 

Venue:  Centenary Park - Oval 1  (Brady Road, East Bentleigh)

We are classed as the home team as we made finals first so red shorts  

Time:  2pm (please be at the ground by 1pm)

Goal Umpire – supplied

Boundary Umpire – supplied

Timekeeper – Hay

Runner – Phillips

Water Carrier – Sargeant & Goonawardene 

First Aid – Beardsley

Umpire Escort – Bolton

Fruit  -  Black